November 2005

Petition for STELLA !!!
November 23, 2005 - Posted by stellafans

Searching for season 2? Well, so are we. Since the season 1 finale, there has not been any news released from Comedy Central on a renewal of STELLA for another season. It seems that no one has any information on producing more episodes and that includes the cast. "Strange, indeed." So what does this mean? Well, we are not sure. All we can do now is sign this petition which was sent to us and spread the word. Hopefully, Comedy Central or another network will recognize STELLA's fanbase and continue with the show. It would be a shame to see such a fantastic show fade away like so many others.

November Reruns on CC
November 15, 2005 - Posted by stellafans

This week be on the lookout for four repeat episodes of STELLA showing on Comedy Central. The times and dates are listed on the right of this page. Such "sporadic" timing on the part of Comedy Central has confused many new viewers emailing in. Check out our episode guide for a synopsis on each of the season 1 episodes. News on season 2 is still unknown at this time. Stay tuned...