January 2006

Repeat Episodes Now Back
January 19, 2006 - Posted by stellafans

Comedy Central has decided to show repeat episodes of Stella season 1 once again. The mini-marathon will take place on Tuesday February 7th, from 2:00am - 4:00am EST. Check out CC's schedule or view the right side of this page to see which episodes will be shown. Then head on over to our Episode Guide for a quick season 1 recap. Let's hope Comedy Central continues the trend with more episodes in the near future.

San Francisco Sketchfest
January 7, 2006 - Posted by stellafans

The Fifth Annual San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival held January 12-29 will feature a lecture and Q&A session with Michael Showalter and David Wain. Their lecture will take place on Sunday, January 29th at 2pm (COBBS). The festival will also feature amazing guests from top notch shows such as The Kids in the Hall, The State, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and more. Click here for more information.