Season 1

Episode 1
(#101) - Aired on: June 28, 2005
After being evicted by their shady landlord, the guys attempt to impress a new co-op board with Flashdance style moves. Ed Norton guest stars.

Episode 2
(#103) - Aired on: July 5, 2005
Michael Ian Black's campaign for resident board president turns ugly - and dangerous.

Office Party
Episode 3
(#105) - Aired on: July 12, 2005
The guys have a roller coaster rise and fall in the corporate world after kicking ass at their neighbor's office picnic. Guest starring Sam Rockwell and Paul Rudd.

Coffee Shop
Episode 4
(#102) - Aired on: July 19, 2005
The guys' friendship is threatened when the three of them open rival coffee-shop hangouts. Alan Ruck guest stars.

Paper Route
Episode 5
(#104) - Aired on: July 26, 2005
The guys have a showdown with a dangerous 10-year-old bully when they become paper boys. Topher Grace guest stars.

Meeting Girls
Episode 6
(#107) - Aired on: August 2, 2005
After a hot Friday night hooking up with hotties, the guys' friendship is torn apart by the demands of dysfunctional relationships. Elizabeth Banks and Josh Charles guest star.

Episode 7
(#106) - Aired on: August 9, 2005
A weekend of r&r out in the woods goes horribly awry when the guys try to escape the pressures of modern life. Tim Blake Nelson guest stars.

Episode 8
(#108) - Aired on: August 16, 2005
Janeane Garofalo guest stars as a hip author who inspires, undermines, and almost kills the guys.

Episode 9
(#109) - Aired on: August 23, 2005
The guys start growing vegetables in their apartment to rid themselves of debt.

Amusement Park
Episode 10
(#110) - Aired on: August 30, 2005
The guys go to see a therapist to cure themselves of depression.